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A New Way to Buy, and OWN, Medical Malpractice Insurance!

Yes, there is A Better Way to Buy MedMal Insurance. If you can somehow avoid a malpractice claim (and you can!), you’ll eventually get back most of the premiums paid every year and get favorable tax treatment!

First, we have a relationship with a Medical Malpractice insurance company called Doctors & Surgeons National Risk Retention Group. That name is too long to keep repeating so we call it simply DSN.

DSN is a company owned by those it insures. If you qualify, you will be paying premiums similar to what you are now paying, but with the high likelihood you’ll get back a large percentage of those premiums.

Second, in addition to buying your coverage from DSN, you may decide it makes sense to establish what is known as a Captive Insurance Company. This allows you blend your med mal coverage between two companies, one of which you own completely, and one of which you own a part. Done properly, you’ll get back up to 90% of the premiums paid, with tax advantages. Watch this short web video to get an undersanding of how a captive insurance company works to your benefit. Click HERE.

We invite you to comment and provide us with ideas and suggestions or anything you think will help medical professionals and people on their advisory team create better patient outcomes, better business outcomes and improved financial outcomes.